How could I select multiple repls to be downloaded at one time without doing it manually?
ElliottKness (6)

I want to download a large group of the repl docs I have saved and transfer them to view offline. However, I've only seen that I can download one individual repl at a time. Is there any way to select multiple repl docs at once in one bulk download or is that not possible currently?

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eankeen (926)

@ElliottKness Ohh, I see now
Yah, there is no built in way to fetch a bunch at once. However, you can make it a bit faster

For example, if I have repl at

Then, the zip file to download can be found at

So if you just go to the link, the file will download. You can then just replace the project-euler-problems with whatever repl you want to download.

You can also automate this using scrips

If you're on Windows, you can use this one-liner to download as many as you want

@("project-euler-problems", "chalk-test", "git-test", "esm-test") | ForEach-Object {  Invoke-WebRequest -Uri "$('' + $_ + '.zip')" -Method "GET" -Outfile $($_ + '.zip') }

If you're on Linux or Mac, you can create a simple script to download as many as you want

for i in "project-euler-problems" "chalk-test" "git-test" "esm-test"
curl -X GET "${i}.zip" -o "${i}.zip"

Just replace the "project-euler-problems", "chalk-test" etc. with the exact names of your repls. Be sure that the powershell version has commas in between the names, and the shell script does not have commas between the names.

Hopefully that helped =)