How did I get the hacker plan?
AbirHaque (16)

So funny thing happened today:

I somehow received the hacker plan, without paying for it!

I'm pretty new to this platform, but have been here long enough to know that you have to pay for the plan. The only other way to receive it (that I'm aware of) is through referral rewards. Although I didn't recommend anyone, I thought that was the case and checked to see how many I possibly earned. It turned out to be 0, so that isn't the case.

Now don't get me wrong, being a hacker on is awesome! But I need to know how I got it!

(P.S. If this was some sort of mistake, it was fun while it lasted :D )

Edit: Thanks guys for helping me out! Really appreciate it!

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vvc (55)

@vedprad1 what can someone do with the hacker plan and how in express do u link your 404 code to a 404.html