How do I fix this bug?
HarveyH (108)

I have a bug in my game but I don't know how to fix...
It is where you can type in the question to get the question right.

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CoolqB (122)


Your issue is that you're using input() rather than raw_input(). I'm not sure you're aware, but you're using Python2, not Python3. This means that input() acts as basically a calculator, typing in 3 + 1 into input() will return 4, whereas typing in 3 + 1 into raw_input() will return 3 + 1, which is what I assume you want :)

To fix this: Replace all instances of input with raw_input, and you should be good to go!
Alternatively you could switch to Python3 :)

Yamboy1 (35)

@CoolqB ooh, interesting. I must file that away for the future

CoolqB (122)

@Yamboy1 Yep! input() was removed from Python3, however, since it was kind of confusing and it's easy to reproduce with eval(input()).