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How do I get a URL to a file inside of a repl HTML5 project? [SOLVED]
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Is there a way to reference a single file inside my HTML5 project? For example, if I wanted to reuse the JS file, can I reference just the JS file inside the project? I've tried having a script tag reference the project URL, and the project URL followed by the filename, but that doesn't work; the latter gives a 404.

Answered by Vandesm14 (2256) [earned 5 cycles]
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Vandesm14 (2256)

Can you provide a link to your reply?

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@Vandesm14 I'm not sure what you mean by reply. This isn't a project specific question, it's more general in that (as part of trying to answer my other question) I'm wondering if even provides the ability to read a single file out of a project that has multiple files via a URL. I'm hoping somebody from can just answer whether this feature exists or not.

Vandesm14 (2256)

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You can reference script files using <script src="the-url"></script>
To view text files, it is recommended that you use an Express.js server on to asynchronously serve the files.

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@Vandesm14 Right, but how do you reference the script.js file INSIDE of a project? How do I get a URL to that individual file?

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@Vandesm14 Genius! That worked after I added the script.js filename to the end of the URL. Great help!

Zeune (34)

Could you just copy the js file you need to your project locally and then reference it?

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@Zeune Yes, of course, but I want to maintain individual classes inside of separate projects so that I can reuse them in new projects. I don't want to keep track of 5 versions of a class that have been copied into 5 other projects. I want to centralize these shared files in their own locations and just reference these locations in my other files.