How do I make a currency system?
CallumDisney (1)

Can someone please tell me how to make a Discord bot currency system?! I’ve searched EVERYWHERE for an answer! I’m using Python on Repl.it. Someone please tell me how to make a currency system!

I have asked on Reddit before, and people just told me to use json files or SQLite. Now, I have no idea how to use these things. Can someone please tell me how to use them, or, even better, give me some code that I can use to make a currency system.

Amjad Masad sent me here. Thanks.

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ash15khng (215)

You need to store the users data in a file (if you don't want to use SQLite or JSON or stuff like that)
You can do it like this:

with open("file.txt", "a") as f: #"a" means append
   f.write("whatever you want")