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How do I submit a string into a link? **Still need help**
Destroyer7s (0)

I have to submit a string of character that I pulled off a few links. They constantly change. I need to find a way to submit the string into this link "https://assesscyber-fasttrackorg/challenge-files/get-flagverify='content'&string=<clock pts>"
Can anyone help? I have looked around and also tried it myself but cant find it. Thanks
Also, here is my updated project:

ItsEmpCs (38)

Do you mean that you need to wepscrape?

ItsEmpCs (38)

If it is then search up tutorials for that language you are [email protected]

Destroyer7s (0)

I don't know. If you run my program, you can see that I pull and add together a string of letters and numbers. I don't know how to submit it into the last link that is was provided here: "https://assesscyber-fasttrackorg/challenge-files/get-flagverify='content'&string=<clock pts>"