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How do we request a free premium account for our college?
misterhtmlcss (2)

I recently used the [email protected] email account as indicated here:

Then I received an auto-reply telling me to make the request in these or other public forums. Not sure why, but ok.

I am an instructor at a public institution and I'd like to request a free premium account for my fellow instructors and myself. I'd really rather not share more details in public than that, but needless to say this request was sent yesterday via the above email address with the subject line: Follow regarding a free account for my classes

Hopefully this helps as we are all very interested to leverage this offer for our students and our team. Thank you kindly.


AllAwesome497 (367)

Hey. I'll point some team members your way. Right now, they are likely all asleep (i think it's 4:42 am rn in san francisco) so ur night be a while.

misterhtmlcss (2)

@AllAwesome497 just checking in to let you know I've not heard anything through here, email... not sure there is another method, but regardless I've heard nothing. I really need to know so I can plan for January term. Please and thank you!

AllAwesome497 (367)

@misterhtmlcss I recently learned that they might have stopped using that email :/. I'll point someone your way.

Zavexeon (1043)

Hey there, unfortunately I can't answer your questions, but I know someone who definitely can.

@amasad Sorry for the ping, just wanted to bring your attention to this thread.

misterhtmlcss (2)

Thank you very much!!