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How do you come up with creative coding ideas?
Rileymabb (6)

For the past 5 months or so I've had all this interest in coding but I can't come up with any ideas. I also have a hard time working on projects unless I'm fully attched to them so, asking people for ideas or googling ideas hasn't really done anything for me. What would you guys suggest I do?

Answered by Bookie0 (3285) [earned 5 cycles]
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Bookie0 (3285)

when i need ideas, tbh i just go ask google. i go through some pages, look at ideas, play some repl games...
also, sometimes you have to think out of the box, try to think of something extraordinary that will really make you want to do it.
sometimes, i have ideas, and i do them right away, but after 10 min, i find that its a bad/boring/useless/impossible idea. but i still keep it in mind in case.
i also sometimes randomly have an idea, and i always jot it down in reminders, and sometimes set an alarm for "brainstorming time", so that i remember them.

if you want, here are some ideas:

  • job simulator (like restaurant manager, cook simulator, tycoon sim...)
  • pacman
  • hangman
  • dice rolling
  • discord bot (even better for your own servers!)
  • pong game
  • snake game
  • clicker game
  • text based game (choice making game)
  • website about your self
  • guess the number/dice rolling game
  • ascii animation

but you can also ask yourself, "what do you like most"? do you like Role Playing Games, simulator games, tycoon/owning games, art, something useful you can use in real life...

anyways, hope this helps =) and good luck!

CodeLongAndPros (963)

What have you done? I'm working on a hypothetical computer emulator right now. To quote ESR:

Every project begins by scratching a developer's personal itch.

Coder100 (4393)

Hello, there's an idea generator I use.

Also, another way I get ideas is to just play some games! Looking at other peoples' works can help inspire you to remix their ideas!

I hope you can find some ideas! :D