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How do you manage your projects?
Vandesm14 (2010)

I have tons of ideas. Some ideas are put into motion and released, while some stay unplanned and never get worked on. I use Dynalist to keep track of my projects and their statuses, but it's not the best.

What do you guys use to keep track of your future, current, and past projects (code, site, notes)?
Bonus: If you have a workflow/methodology to aid in managing and creating projects, feel free to share that as well!

Answered by sugarfi (148) [earned 5 cycles]
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sugarfi (148)

Like @Zavexeon, I do most of my managing in my head. If I think an idea is cool, I usually make a folder for it, and sometimes write up a text file in there containing what I want out of the project. I just organize my code by putting it in that folder. Once I come up with an idea, I just jump into the folder and start writing. I find this is useful just because it allows you to jump around between projects if you get bored.

SixBeeps (1015)

Wait, you can manage project ideas?!

Zavexeon (890)

In all honesty I do most of the managing in my head. I'm not doing a ton of stuff at once.

For larger projects I might do a rough guideline but I really prefer to jump into things and improvise.

Ideas I have I'll write down in a notebook so I don't forget them, unfortunately it feels like most of my ideas come to me when I'm trying to sleep. :/

Vandesm14 (2010)

@Zavexeon I would totally agree with you, doing everything in my head, except that I have too many ideas which I want to complete but usually never get to (so writing them down is important).

TaylorLiang (615)

ok im a bit late to this: but for future projects, read the scp wiki

Coder100 (701)

Create a .txt file.
Once you're so bored, you open that file and you create a program.

maazzubair99 (94)

Whenever I have an code idea, i make a new repl and write up some starter code for it, while it is still fresh in my head. So whenever I log on to, i can open up that repl and see the code I made and continue to work on it

MrEconomical (1399)

I do not manage I just do it
what helps is I avoid doing multiple projects at once

RohilPatel (351)

I don't have much to manage, as I am just a little kid doing school, and is often known as a bad coder. I also barely complete any of my projects. I just move on. That may explain my bad "share" things.

eekboi (58)

What I do I have a little diary basically that I keep the changes and projects im working on, I also have a priority list in there to help me remember what I need done first.