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How do you pronounce
JohnsonTheGreat (26)

I know it doesn't really matter, but I usually say "Repel" until my first student accidentally goes onto

hg0428 (0)

I have this same question I usually say "rep L dot it"

AquaMarine0421 (26)

rippppp-llleeeee dot it.

madmonster (7)

I pronounce repl as 'rep-ul'. The problem is intresting.

paulfears (57)

I say Read, Eval, Print, Loop, every time

AquaMarine0421 (26)

@paulfears WOW XD
did u make that one??

pythonCoffee (3)

i say "ure-pil dot itch"

17dsmyth (8)

i always call it or repeat it :)

amasad (1383)

We say Rep-lit and Repl for short sometimes


It’s because repl is lit

21natzil (721)

I have always said "repl it" and saying the "l" as a letter.