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How much space do I get for my programs with my free plan?
Giothecoder (127)

The title explains it all really, that’s all I want to know 😜, thanks guys!

mat1 (3148)

Unlimited :)
The limit was removed a while ago.

Giothecoder (127)

Maybe I should have been more specific I guess sry 😬, I’m not really talking about how many PROGRAMS I’m talking about how much MEMORY for each program to use when it’s run, ya know what I mean?
(Sry about the all caps words I don’t know how to do italics)

vedprad1 (845)

@Giothecoder : To learn Markdown go here:

As for your question, I think that is unlimited, too. Do you have any specific problem? Share your repl link.

ash15khng (570)

@Giothecoder Is there a program you want to run which requires a lot of memory?

Giothecoder (127)

@ash15khng kinda. Do you know how the regular RSA cipher works? It uses some pretty massive numbers if you want something that’s actually secure.

@vedprad1 thanks I’ll have to look at that.