How to implement a save/load system to a game?
mkhoi (286)

I am making a game and want to have a save/load system because it is frustrating without the save/load system (its a long game and also it has permadeath but if i have the save/load system it won't have permadeath)

Check it out:
The Wacky Warrior, its on Challenge

Someone please help me!!!

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ash15khng (682)

You could let the users download a file, with their progress in it (to save), and add a load function (to load the text in the file).

mkhoi (286)

@ash15khng What is the specific instructions for that?

ash15khng (682)

@mkhoi You could create a JSON object or whatever you want, then write it into a file like this:

save = <whatever you need however you want to save it>
with open("file.txt", "w") as f:
mkhoi (286)

@ash15khng What about the load function?

ash15khng (682)

@mkhoi You get it as an input, then save it to your variable(s).

mkhoi (286)

@ash15khng I dont understand that. How do you do that?

ash15khng (682)


load = input("Save string: ")
load = <however you're saving your game data>
kwambugu17 (0)

@ash15khng what does the f do i dont really get it

ash15khng (682)

@kwambugu17 f is just a name for the file object that we are using so later we can call it using f.