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How to make my own Template in
Science (2)

I have doubt like i have a idea on making one but how to its ok to make and fork it but how can i display it in /templates site

PattanAhmed (1233)

@Science Hi,
Sorry to say, I have tried this too long time before.
But by reading some websites, I came to a Conclusion that you and I can't.
Only Team can add it to Templates Page themselves
That's it

Hope this helps

Science (2)

I knew just now before replied @PattanAhmed

SixBeeps (3218)

That can only be done by someone who works on the Repl team.

Science (2)

@SixBeeps Ohk thanks. Then i cant do it

Science (2)

Well, i have got the answer and i dont know how to close a issue in so no more answer, comments or replies