How to play sounds in java
Wendigo0937 (0)

Hello there, I am trying to create a program (in java) that takes input representing music notes, and then plays them back. In order to have this program work, I need to be able to have my program tell the user's computer to play sounds. I have a solution that worked in eclipse, but does not seem to be working in repl. The file I have attached is not supposed to do any of the reading (that part works fine), just supposed to play the wav file I added to it.

a link to my repl that does not work and that contains all the same code as my fully functional eclipse program can be found here :

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Wendigo0937 (0)

@mwilki7 thank you so much! That was a very fast response. Do you have any idea how I might be able to play a sound on the user's machine instead?