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How would I delete this weird floating cube in the middle of the world?

Forked form @AdCharity. I want to make this into a real game, but I can't delete the weird cube thingy.

Answered by mwilki7 (866) [earned 5 cycles]
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mwilki7 (866)

Check public/game.js around line 167
See if commenting out the 'box' lines of code do anything.

AdCharity (1112)

@mwilki7 Ik you wouldn't I'm talking more to @HENRYMARTIN4

AdCharity (1112)

@HENRYMARTIN4 I would probably try 2D games first, but hey 3D is the way to go right?

SixBeeps (1377)

Worst idea ever, but set the Y position to -100