How would you add a link to an HTML file on repl.
webmunchster (7)

So I am trying to make a social media site, (one that would have more than one page), and I was wondering if there is a more efficient way to make separate pages and instead send destinations to other HTML files inside the repl. If this is obvious, I am sorry.

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Answered by JustARatherRidi (191) [earned 5 cycles]
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EthanJustice (61)

Within the Repl editor, on top of the file tree sidebar, there are two icons: a file and a folder with a green plus icon in the corner. Click the file icon, and then name that file what you want. Then link the file using root or relative linking on your site, i.e. if the file's name is yeet.html, then you could create <a href="/yeet.html">Yeet</a>, which would link to a yeet.html file in your root directory. Read More About Linking.

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