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I am unsure how to begin this process.
TannaYoung (1)

Is there web help to get me started? I need more than the video right now. Is there someone i can talk to?Thank You.

katyadee (1214)

Have you checked out the "Share" tab? :)

ash15khng (684)

There are many tutorials online, try Googling around for some. Try searching stuff like "learn html" or "learn web development".

JustARatherRidi (209)

Here's a tutorial that I very highly recommend, I think that this is the only introduction to web development that anyone ever needs. Just go through the introduction, and I guarantee you'll want to give it a shot.

Good luck!

ryanhcode (89)

Hey! It looks like you don't know how to begin making a web page. You mention that a video isn't enough to help you learn. Can you clarify exactly what you need and either me or someone else can help you figure it out.

malvoliothegood (716)

It looks like you are wanting to create a web page. You talk about a video. What video would that be. Here are some pages that can help you.
2) Join Freecodecamp and do their Introduction to Basic HTML & HTML5 course: