I cloned this repo, what's next?
ryantmurphy (3)

Hello! I cloned this repo, but now I'm stuck. The readme assumes I will be installing Node.js locally, though I'd like to make it work here in Repl.it. I've tried several things that seem to make sense but it does not seem to produce the demo app shown in the README. Help! Thanks.

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rediar (141)

@ryantmurphy well, no you see, if you clone the repository, usually that's to interact with it not to copy it, I'm not sure if this is clear, but if you know git clone, it's kinda the equivalent of that. if you paste it from start.js to index.js you're not basically just making two files with the same content, but one that executes. Try forking it, (with the pasted index.js) deleting the bin folder, and it should execute.
still doesn't work, found a link that might help https://nodejs.org/api/child_process.html
ok so I'm pretty sure the installation worked, so it's probably an error with the code that you cloned.