Random scenarios!
CoolJames1610 (618)

Hi all,

I am creating a life simulator and I need like scenarios or stuff that happen.

Like Bitlife where is says something happens in the world etc etc etc

Yeah so best scenerio/sentence gets 5 cycles.
All entries get at least 1 cycle

*EDIT one or two sentences pls :)



The United Kingdom and Italy have agreed to lower carbon emissions in 5 years.

The World's largest cactus has died at the age of 103. People forgot to water it but they said they would water it the next day. Then they forgot again...

The first people have landed on Mars successfully.

The World Association of Programming stated that LOLCODE is a good programming language. The Programmers Union stated that the WAP are clapped.

A video of a boy burning Blu Tack has gone viral over the world. Sadly, he lost his arms in this incident but he is WORLD-FAMOUS!

A popular game called `PyLife` has hit NUMBER ONE in the Gaming Charts.

The KGB hire 1000 new men and women to work on a secret project. They will not say what this project is.

A video of a little kid saying the alphabet wrong and his Mum shouting at him has caused the world to go into a frenzy. An angry one...

The National Computer Agency has warned users that if they lose all their progress because they lost power, that it is useless to slam/break the computer in their fury. it would only mean that they would have to buy another one.

Ok we have a winner: @Bookie0
Their entry
apple releases its newest product: an iphone with 4, 6 12 cameras!
china and the US are on risk of having war
north korea invades south korea!
Lego reveals a new procuct: a whole city with moving minifigures!
rent in new York City just gets higher
Fox news is sued for spreading misinformation
scientists reveal that the coronavirus was man made!
terrorist attack in 4 mosques at the same time in france!
first men and women reach jupiter, after mars
first photograph of the sun from 10 cm away taken!
iran and and iraq form together a country called ira!
US president is assassinated moments after swearing in
protest erupt accross Russia for womens equality
Siberia collapses
Egypt's economy breaks

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JerryTheMouse (4)

I have a couple:
// Humans have just made an alliance with the alien species Ulth'um.
// In Canada, politicians are planning to build a wall as American refugees
seek asylum from flooded states. (Sounds familiar...)
// Mexico is banning the English language.
// Spain is now the leading supplier of spainich.
// North Korea falls...
// President Trump is resurrected for a debate with Obama.
// Sea levels are rising higher.
// Manhattan is now covered with water.
// Google is now selling smart homes in California. Program dubbed "Google
// Hasbro is announcing Monopoly IRL!