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I have a little problem.
HarveyH (97)

I have a minor problem that I hope you'll fix. It's just a little bit annoying. But, when i run my programme, sometimes half the word is on one line and the other on the line below. Can you fix this pls?

Answered by timmy_i_chen (962) [earned 5 cycles]
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timmy_i_chen (962)

Can you give us a link to the repl where this is happening, and maybe a screenshot of what you're seeing?

CSharpIsGud (41)

@HarveyH You can expand the console by clicking and dragging the border
Words move to the next line because there is no more room

Maybe make the lines smaller?

HarveyH (97)

@CSharpIsGud I know but it still annoys me...

timmy_i_chen (962)

@HarveyH I think the rationale behind it is that we want to emulate a bash shell as closely as possible, where words wrap. But we will talk internally to see if this is an option we want to implement. Maybe it'll happen! :)