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I have gaps in my knowledge. PYTHON
YvngBashit (12)

So like I am learning Python and I know some of the concepts, when ever I try to write my own original program it gets very difficult and I go a head and search it up. I have been watching an online begineer tutorial on youtube , I am not done with the tutorial. So what do you thing I should do next is this normal what I am experiencing? Do I go ahead and switch and learn by using the Python tutorial within the python documentation? Maybe you have some other sources? PLEASE COMMENT BELOW !

RyanRana (182)

Here is how I learned Python.

Step 1: Think of a cool project you would like to work it can be easy like a rock paper scissors, or something more difficult like AI.

Step 2: Write down what you will need to complete the project (aka if statements, tkinter,
lambdas etc.)

Step 3: Research these things on a google search I use sources like tutors point, stack-overflow, and w3 resources. YouTube is okay but it can go very slow, although there is a unfinished tutorial I really like because it gets right to the point!

A good place to find projects is

21natzil (972)

Don't be afraid if you have to look something up! Even the most professional programmers will refer to stackover flow. It's impossible to know everything. However, with that said, there are ways to get better. I would suggest finding something you're interested in, and make something for it! This site has a bunch of great resources you can look at: I'd suggest the book called "Effective Python", although you do have to pay for it. You can find the book on that page, or here:

Ryanand (32)

Do experiments with the code(s) and use the engineering process to help

JoshDaBosh (77)

come up with your own project that branches off standard info

you'll learn more from experience and researching after you know the basics