Do you guys like my new logo?
DynamicSquid (2619)

So I'm making a language called "Night",

check it out on github and star it

and I need a logo. I'm not the best logo designer in the world, but I'm think maybe something like this:

It's really blurry since I make that in Processing and took a screenshot, but I like the general design of it. Maybe the N could be bigger as well. What are your guy's thoughts?

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aguy11 (104)

I just visited the Github project, and um, I know you want this to be an individual project, but this is a recommendation on how to do the multi-word strings. I know you don't know Python much, but I have no idea what C++ is, so here is the code I used when I was attempting to make a computer language to make the string be read as one whole thing:

      elif word[0] in ['"'] and word[-2] != word[0]:
        new_index = source_index
        indexes_passed = 0
        while True:
          indexes_passed += 1
          new_index += 1
          if (len(source_code) - 1) != new_index:
            if source_code[new_index][len(source_code[new_index]) - 2] == '"':
              if indexes_passed == 1:
                tokens.append(['STRING', word + " " + source_code[new_index][0 : len(word) - 1]])
                tokens.append(['STATEMENT_END', ';'])
                new_indexes_passed = source_index
                for i in range(0, indexes_passed):
                  new_indexes_passed += 1
                  word = word + " " + source_code[new_indexes_passed]
                tokens.append(['STRING', word])
                tokens.append(['STATEMENT_END', ';'])

The word variable is for every word separated by a space. Again, sorry but I don't know C++. If you have any questions, cuz this is just part of the whole code, so it's hard to understand, just ask.

DynamicSquid (2619)

@aguy11 oh yeah, it's fine. I was actually thinking of something like that, so thanks!!