I need help with a small game! C++
Wo1ves1n0 (5)

So, I am working on a game for my assignment which I'm trying to keep simple. However, I'm getting confused watching people teach me how to do it.

The game is about a story that involves combat/Adventure. (More info about this please let me know.)
So I need to add like a betting game. So the player bets a number to 50, then the enemy will bet. and if the player wins the bet they continue, but if they lose I will add a loop of corruption to add a death kind of code haha. however, I want to add like a checkpoint to that section rather them having to do it all over again. if anyone knows how to do it please let me know!


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@Wo1ves1n0 The program will run only what's in int main() {}, so anything you want to run will have to be inside those brackets or linked to those brackets via functions. For making the two separate stories, you could use an if statement and go from there. As for what the simplest way of doing things is, though, it really depends on where you want the story to go. If you could conjure up a basic storyboard type thing it'd be helpful. Also, I can actually get in depth with helping you if you add me to a multiplayer session if you'd like.