I need help with a small game! C++
Wo1ves1n0 (5)

So, I am working on a game for my assignment which I'm trying to keep simple. However, I'm getting confused watching people teach me how to do it.

The game is about a story that involves combat/Adventure. (More info about this please let me know.)
So I need to add like a betting game. So the player bets a number to 50, then the enemy will bet. and if the player wins the bet they continue, but if they lose I will add a loop of corruption to add a death kind of code haha. however, I want to add like a checkpoint to that section rather them having to do it all over again. if anyone knows how to do it please let me know!


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Wo1ves1n0 (5)

@SPQR Ok will do that right now