I need help with getting buttons to going to a page
_10cps_ (0)

I need help getting my buttons when I click them to go to a certain website for example to help people on stuff EDIT: HTML

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Vandesm14 (2167)

Use <a href="website.org">Link Name</a>

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_10cps_ (0)

@Vandesm14 that links it with the buttons?

Vandesm14 (2167)

@_10cps_ I'm not sure what you mean by "links it with the buttons". Are you talking about a HTML button as a link?

_10cps_ (0)

@Vandesm14 Yeah, so it takes it to another website

ArchieMaclean (751)


<a href="https://link/to/page"><button>Button text</button></a>

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