Not boring coding ideas.
Rileymabb (6)

I need some not boring coding ideas. Also here are the languages I use and my skill level with them so you can keep that in mind. Also please keep the ideas not too hard but also keep them not too easy. EDIT: No games please.

EDIT Examples of not boring: Discord bot, an AI that does (something), something that uses a cool API.(I recently started messing around with APIs).


  • python
  • js
  • nodejs


  • Processing(you can run processing code with html on repl) (repl please add real processing)

Not so good:

  • c++ (I recently started learning it so I'm not the best at it)
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c4syner (77)

I recommend some multiplayer project depending on your knowledge. They're super interesting to program and learn how to build. (websockets, clients, servers etc.) Not exactly a specific project but something cool to work on.

Rileymabb (6)

@c4syner I already made something like that, but thanks.