I would like help in java
studentTylerTy1 (5)

I plan to recreate Minecraft completely with better caves.
if anyone with qualified information could help me out instead on little kids making fun of a 37-year-old living with his mother, I don't see anything wrong with this. please stop making my feelings hurt. I would like professional level help so if you are a good guy or girl I would like to chat.

                                                                               Tyler Herdman
                                              P.S if you would like to know my IP adress you are always welcome to know, same with a real address and credit card
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Answered by Deacon_Cronin (67) [earned 5 cycles]
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Geocube101 (591)

Instead of recreating Minecraft, you could just create a mod to alter world generation
Minecraft 1.15 plans to release the game code to help mod makers out

Geocube101 (591)

@MatthewDoan1 I normally use forge
(but i don't really care which - Minecraft has needed a cave update for a while)