I would like help in java
studentTylerTy1 (4)

I plan to recreate Minecraft completely with better caves.
if anyone with qualified information could help me out instead on little kids making fun of a 37-year-old living with his mother, I don't see anything wrong with this. please stop making my feelings hurt. I would like professional level help so if you are a good guy or girl I would like to chat.

                                                                               Tyler Herdman
                                              P.S if you would like to know my IP adress you are always welcome to know, same with a real address and credit card
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Answered by Deacon_Cronin (66) [earned 5 cycles]
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sakethpilli (0)

Ok, Im not PRO, but im a dab good at Java. I believe that, yes, modding would make a lot more sense then making millions of lines of code AND on top of that native methods. What, in my opinion, to do, is to read the code on the caves and then alter it in a way where you have a space from 2x2 all the way to 10x10, where it can be random blocks dangling everywhere