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Ideas for Games
HarveyH (100)

I have ran out of ideas for Python (games specifically), so if you could give me any ideas for games, that would be great!

XavierDD (63)

A text based visual Novel?

Edgod (64)

How about a digital card game, like Blackjack or Solitaire?

SPQR (453)

I think you should try and make a Fallout 1&2 clone haha

HarveyH (100)

@SPQR lol! If i could i would be a millionaire by now! xD



HarperframeInc (240)

Text based adventure games. Something like Emily is away.

HarveyH (100)

@HarperframeInc Thanks for helping, but first of all, I feel like that would be TOO easy for me, just a bunch of prints and inputs and secondly, I'm not that interested in text based adventure games, I find them kinda boring honestly. However, It is a cool idea and might help some other people with new projects.