If statement not working?
Jaythrex (2)

https://repl.it/@Jaythrex/Defense On line 210, when I enter 1 into the console, it stops. How do I prevent this?

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Geocube101 (351)

The code only runs once because it is within an if-elif-else block. To repeatedly run it, try placing the entire if-elif-else statement withing a loop

Jaythrex (2)

Thank you! Is there any feedback you'd like to give?

Jaythrex (2)

@Geocube101 It still doesn't work! When I try to press 1 for the variable cross_examinationb (line 202), it goes back and displays cross_examination (line 199). But if I press 1 for that, it gives me the needed message, and then suddenly it displays the message it should've said when I pressed 1 for cross_examinationb.