If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
icr0 (11)

Not all the questions have to be tech-questions!

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amasad (2061)

It would be some kind of clairvoyance. As the co-founder/CEO I often have to make big decisions that in addition to having a big impact on our platform it has an implicit bet on how the world would be.

For example, we moved repl.it code execution from the client to the server and that was a big bet on the idea that cloud computing will be cheaper and cheaper, that container technology a ala docker will get better and better, and that internet connectivity will get better with time.

At least 2/3 were correct. The last bet remains to be seen, Internet connectivity is getting better around the world and maybe Elon Musk's satellite internet, or Google's balloons, or Facebook's drones will make it so that internet connectivity is as available as the air we breath.

So being able to peak into the future, even if in a crude way -- like getting visions or dreams -- will be a great superpower to have...