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If you wrote the newsletter, what would you change?
katyadee (1163)

Do you read our newsletter?

If you got the chance to write it yourself, what would you include? What would you change? What would you keep the same?

vedprad1 (836)

I would probably add a programming problem in every newsletter, and the first 10 people who solve it would get, like, 5 cycles.

Though I know this will never happen, because:
1. It would be such an easy way for the rich (in cycles) to get richer and the poor to get poorer.
2. probably will not be that willing to give out cycles just like that.

Still, it would be an interesting idea to have competitive programming puzzles in the newsletter.

Also, I would remove the part of the newsletter that says that the results of the competition have been delayed. (Even though that has nothing to do with the newsletter.)

RyanRana (182)

It would go like this
1. News/Announcements
2.Weekly code problem highlights of the week tutorial of the week
5.Dev spotlight

AllAwesome497 (307)

Hmm maybe the best question? the top question of the week? (or just most upvoted as that would be a pain to sort through all the questions)

katyadee (1163)

@AllAwesome497 Hmm. Part of the issue with this is I don't think there are enough questions a week.

AllAwesome497 (307)

@katyadee thats part of the reason why, to (hopefully) encourage users to ask questions.

BastienFrancois (0)

Hy,i m new member and i think that thz idea of This project is very i m new member i learn about i can Help and add code or synthase.if for a beginner , there are tutoriel or a method i m interested.Thanks and see you soon

ShadowCypher (30)

Since I think is well vested in the hacker culture, I think enlisting a theme in every newsletter for replers to create cool hacks off of (essentially mini hackathons) would yield an outflow of a lot of creativity - some themes, of course, would not have a lot of participants, but other themes may inspire community members to make products that they hadn't considered before - products that could really be big someday.

PaoloAmoroso (129)

Do you read our newsletter?
Yes, cover to cover.

If you got the chance to write it yourself, what would you include? What would you change? What would you keep the same?
Most of the content of the newsletter is the same as what can be found in Repl Talk or Discord, so there's not much new stuff for those who already follow the community. So I'd provide different, complementary information such as behind the scenes updates and tidbits on how Repl.It works, recent changes big and small, or what's coming.

a5rocks (671)

In a couple, you forgot ending parenthesis and ending quotes.


On an actually serious note, I like the puzzles :)

katyadee (1163)

@a5rocks Don't blow up my spot!!