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Im new to coding and want to learn JavaScript and C++
KoalaKing2467 (4)

If anyone can help that could be great. I want to learn how to code games and I heard that this website has a good community. I would like to learn how to code video games using JavaScript, Java, Python, C++, C+, Ruby, or any other type of code that is good for games.

vedprad1 (887)

If you want to learn coding, I would recommend They have a great selection of lessons for many computer languages. Plus, they're all free.

You can make games with pretty much any language, but I would recommend you start with JavaScript. If you pair it up with HTML and CSS, you can start making real projects right away, without having to get in the other parts of coding.

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KoalaKing2467 (4)

@vedprad1 Thanks! I'll try it out. The person that recommended this website to me also mentioned that site.

Edit: Where do I start on this website

ash15khng (703)

@KoalaKing2467 This website doesn't have that much resources for learning, but 1) you could try the learn page or 2) you can ask questions on the ask page!

vedprad1 (887)

@KoalaKing2467 : The website is free for all learning resources. The only thing you need to pay for is certification, but you probably do not need that.

eankeen (1500)

@KoalaKing2467 i might add that if you want to learn javascript, to check out MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) docs. they go into much more depth, and are much more up to date with the latest javascript features compared to w3schools. different people are different, and i personally would not recommend w3schools. it may be fine when doing rather simple stuff, but try to find websites that specialize in the programming language you are trying to learn for higher quality tutorials or guides. :)

PDanielY (1264)

I think you should pick sololearn!

YoelAsgedom (0)

Go to clever programming videos where you will get help and, outstanding advice to meet your required goals and ambition.

NikithaVS (2)

Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I meant that he should just look into the basics of HTML5 and CSS, not get fully into it. For me, it was good to start with HTML5, and CSS. It's for beginners, I agree, but it's helped me a little in Python. For instance, it's helped me in Python turtle, and a bit in regular Python. I agree with you too, but it's also all Koala King's opinion in all of this. We are all entitled to our opinions.

liltaco (199)

First of all: No games are written with Python or Ruby (there is PyGame but it's not too good). However, you shouldn't start with the goal of games. Games are difficult to write (I wrote some games in JavaScript), especially in languages like C++ where it's even harder.

You should start with an easier programming language to learn like JavaScript or Python or Ruby, and once you know how to code, start experimenting with games.

NikithaVS (2)

I recommend that you don't start with Ruby, JavaScript, Java, Python, C++ or C+. You should start maybe with Html 5, Css, or Scratch. Those languages are for later on. Good luck, Koala King!!😎

Zavexeon (1121)

@NikithaVS I would like to disagree. Ruby and Python are excellent first languages. The syntax is simple and they are a great introductions to the basics of programming, and can also be used for very complex programs.

Personally, I would suggest Python. I'm a Rubyist, however Python is a more "relevant" language, and you'll be able to find help faster for it, if you need it (especially here on talk).

liltaco (199)

@NikithaVS wdym start with html and css? HTML and CSS are for design and markup, they don't even suggest what programming is. Python is better for starters (that's what I started with) because it has a very simple syntax (that's why all of the psuedo-code online looks like Python code) and it's general purpose so you can do anything with it.

mwilki7 (1113)

Isn't JavaScript part of HTML5?

Anyhow, the loose syntax of JavaScript makes it a great language for beginners because they can learn an imperative programming paradigm while being able to see their code work more meaningfully (page content changing is more interesting than console output).

Though I still struggle with html and css 3:

Zavexeon (1121)

@mwilki7 Nah, JavaScript is it's own full fledged (kinda) programming language. It does however, have built-in libraries that allows it to manipulate and interact with HTML.

HTML5 is just an updated version of HTML with some more tags, etc.

CSS is pretty much just objects from JS. (Slightly different, but pretty close.)