Im new to coding and want to learn JavaScript and C++
KoalaKing2467 (3)

If anyone can help that could be great. I want to learn how to code games and I heard that this website has a good community. I would like to learn how to code video games using JavaScript, Java, Python, C++, C+, Ruby, or any other type of code that is good for games.

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NikithaVS (2)

I recommend that you don't start with Ruby, JavaScript, Java, Python, C++ or C+. You should start maybe with Html 5, Css, or Scratch. Those languages are for later on. Good luck, Koala King!!😎

Zavexeon (1038)

@NikithaVS I would like to disagree. Ruby and Python are excellent first languages. The syntax is simple and they are a great introductions to the basics of programming, and can also be used for very complex programs.

Personally, I would suggest Python. I'm a Rubyist, however Python is a more "relevant" language, and you'll be able to find help faster for it, if you need it (especially here on talk).

liltaco (67)

@NikithaVS wdym start with html and css? HTML and CSS are for design and markup, they don't even suggest what programming is. Python is better for starters (that's what I started with) because it has a very simple syntax (that's why all of the psuedo-code online looks like Python code) and it's general purpose so you can do anything with it.

mwilki7 (1012)

Isn't JavaScript part of HTML5?

Anyhow, the loose syntax of JavaScript makes it a great language for beginners because they can learn an imperative programming paradigm while being able to see their code work more meaningfully (page content changing is more interesting than console output).

Though I still struggle with html and css 3:

Zavexeon (1038)

@mwilki7 Nah, JavaScript is it's own full fledged (kinda) programming language. It does however, have built-in libraries that allows it to manipulate and interact with HTML.

HTML5 is just an updated version of HTML with some more tags, etc.

CSS is pretty much just objects from JS. (Slightly different, but pretty close.)