Im new to coding and want to learn JavaScript and C++
KoalaKing2467 (3)

If anyone can help that could be great. I want to learn how to code games and I heard that this website has a good community. I would like to learn how to code video games using JavaScript, Java, Python, C++, C+, Ruby, or any other type of code that is good for games.

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NikithaVS (2)

Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I meant that he should just look into the basics of HTML5 and CSS, not get fully into it. For me, it was good to start with HTML5, and CSS. It's for beginners, I agree, but it's helped me a little in Python. For instance, it's helped me in Python turtle, and a bit in regular Python. I agree with you too, but it's also all Koala King's opinion in all of this. We are all entitled to our opinions.