Im new to coding and want to learn JavaScript and C++
KoalaKing2467 (3)

If anyone can help that could be great. I want to learn how to code games and I heard that this website has a good community. I would like to learn how to code video games using JavaScript, Java, Python, C++, C+, Ruby, or any other type of code that is good for games.

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eankeen (932)

@KoalaKing2467 i might add that if you want to learn javascript, to check out MDN (Mozilla Developer Network) docs. they go into much more depth, and are much more up to date with the latest javascript features compared to w3schools. different people are different, and i personally would not recommend w3schools. it may be fine when doing rather simple stuff, but try to find websites that specialize in the programming language you are trying to learn for higher quality tutorials or guides. :)