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Im stuck with programming in general
JacksonAiken3 (13)

So I have been all self taught. I started really programming in like 7th grade with JS and I have always done JS. I branched off into some other languages like python or ran a private server of a game that was in C# and I was able to copy and paste code and change stuff around just using logic. But I have always felt I was at a level in JS where i just couldnt advance. I feel like there is this wall and on the other side is a whole new world of being able to make so many different programs. And I just cant get to that. Im only 16 yet there is 14 year olds who code twice as good as me. I added some example code of what I did for my AP Exam last year. Im a sophomore in high school. I just have no idea where to go with programming at the moment. I see other code and im just in awe and jelousy because ive done this for years and Im still basically a beginner.

algore (23)

Only so far you can with self-taught, you need to find a project with a group of people Open Source projects are a great source, coordinate with these more experienced programmers and you will learn a lot more. You can do this now or continue self-teaching your self until you reach college in which you will end up being forced to work with people on projects you don't care about.

Really nice website idea though, good job.

A few good sources for expanding your knowledge base, GitHub Open Source, Hacker Rank, Code Wars, there are a lot more you can find.

Final thing is always to remember there will always be someone more knowledgeable and "better" at coding if they are 12 or 50 it is important to better your self not by being jealous or bitter of these people but asking them for help.

JacksonAiken3 (13)

I just looked at hacker rank and I cant even do some of the basics things. which frustrates me because I have done this for so long. Even the default code in challenges like sock merchant confuses me

algore (23)

Well, HackerRank is meant to challenge you and put ur skills to the test, start with the introduction programming ones to like Python, and Java then move on to problem-solving as Problem Solving challenges are far more complicated than the [email protected]

SagaciousPan (22)

If your looking for a course to help you advance in coding then highly recommend FreeCodeCamp as it is free and teaches you thing you would need to become a professional back-end or front-end developer.
A lot of things also just come with practice and solving things yourself rather than just looking everything up (not saying that you are doing that).
Those people that are younger then you could have just been coding longer or are just naturally fast learners.
Doing different coding projects that you have never done before and experimenting with new functions will also effect the rate at which your learning and 'advancing'.

Just wondering but, mind listing so things/projects you have done?

JacksonAiken3 (13)

Ive done that one I have listed.
I did a track program where it takes your track times and outputs them to a table in a certain format and does all this math stuff. I dont really remember it.

mwilki7 (1078)

Try getting an understanding of how the lower level languages work (C, assembly). Maybe even caching, paging, and how the CPU executes instructions/interacts with other parts of the computer.

JacksonAiken3 (13)

@mwilki7 Why would i learn another language if I cant even advance in one of the easiest languages?

mwilki7 (1078)

@JacksonAiken3 you'll learn more about how a computer works in general and have a better idea of where and why things work or dont work

christiant (1)

@JacksonAiken3 Well instead of sticking with just one language, work on others and expand your horizons, take a break from one language and just learn another one and maybe come back to JS later. I work with Python mostly but I also work with HTML, CSS, and JS. I want to learn maybe C or C#, but you should never stick to just one language, broaden your horizons. I am the same age as you and I just program everyday, I'm getting better and better at python and JS every day. My advice to you is to start working on another language so you get that satisfaction of growing with another language under your belt.