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Imma Leave this site.
Jakman (368)

Yall people on this site praise the most low-quality trash and over look some amazing projects. I see some little kid talking about some i hope you have a great day. They aint getting no upvotes from me. I see some text based game with a few print statements and or some cycle based game. These little kids are the first to go and praise them. You need to look critically at all sides of an issue. They just upvote to make them feel good. Should have known when people begged and got more than 50 every time. Bye.

Answered by theangryepicbanana (1630) [earned 5 cycles]
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theangryepicbanana (1630) has recently made several changed that require more effort to get on trending also help promote posts with lots of hard work put into them.

Bookie0 (3220)

Bye! Oh wait ur still on

DannyIsCoding (519)

I understand your point and agree that many people upvote some lower-quality posts and some posts with a lot of effort put in them don't get the deserved appreciation, but that isn't really the point of the website. It was made for the web browser IDE.

RogueHalo (402)

Bye then, you're kinda missing the point of the site though as a Web Browser IDE. The majority of users that interact with repl talk are under 20 and so tend to have a certain sense of humour or appreciation for projects. I've tested this before with some of my older posts and found that.

It seems to me that you're slightly jealous over smaller projects getting more cycles than your full static site generator made on replit, you need to know what people want if you aim to get cycles.

Jakman (368)

@JacksonCowie just cant stand some on the talk. Came for the community. some are good. others aren't.

Jakman (368)

@JacksonCowie also i dont really get jealous over things so easy. Just baffled.

RogueHalo (402)

@Jakman If you're looking for a good, professional coding community - try

CodeLongAndPros (952)

I think that you should have someone you know look over your project with a critical eye. But I don't think that leaving is the best idea. I would just make a new account and not interact at all on repl Talk.

And thus, farewell.

DynamicSquid (2619)

This site isn't all about TALK. The main feature of this site is it's web browser ide.

ChezCoder (1479)

Lol, leave then. This is not hurting us, we are a strong community. This is your loss, not ours.

Jakman (368)

@ChezCoder that is true. I do not want to bring my experience on to others. That would be a dick move.

MesyetiIsTaken (54)

Well, alot of us are beginners, including me