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In GHCi shell, auto-completion with tab key doesn't work.
codingrg (2)

Auto-completion in Haskell GHCi shell doesn't work. Using the tab key in the shell only activates indentation. (I mean after having loaded the module, of course.)

In the editor itself, it's fine with the tab key.

But in Python shell, e.g., auto-completion using the tab key works well.

What should be done?

a5rocks (774)

The repl team probably has not spent as long on the interpreter. Also, does GHCi even let you autocomplete normally?


codingrg (2)

@a5rocks: In the editor, YES, but in the GHCi shell, NO.

a5rocks (774)

hmm, then I would post in the feedback link I mentioned, pretty sure repl checks that more than this board.