Infinite loops on server side
ebest (574)


I got this thing called Pychat, with a server and a client, and I have this idea. I want to add a feature that detects when someone closes their tab, so I can say that they left. I already tried using threading, but it froze the server.

Server Unrelated note: Can someone try hacking the server?


This gives me much trouble.


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Answered by samdevz (31) [earned 5 cycles]
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ebest (574)

@mwilki7 It's not python, so I can't use it.

mwilki7 (280)

@ebest Use JavaScript to send some sort of HTTP response to the python server and have the server handle the response from there.

ebest (574)

@mwilki7 It's not even a tab, so I can't really monitor it. Also, I don't know https, javascript, or css.