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Interested in AmAs? 💬
amasad (1839)

Fellow esteemed replers 🧐,

Would you be interested if we did Ask me Anything with famous founders, CEOs, and developers?

If so upvote and comment with who would you like us to bring on. I can do my best to try to get them on.

ReshiramWolfu (72)

Relogic? Mojang? Game Freak?

amasad (1839)

@mat1 am sad, ask me anything ;_;

mat1 (2877)

@amasad i ask you to not be sad

Zavexeon (739)

Yeah, that'd be pretty cool.

PaoloAmoroso (121)

I'd like you to bring Paul Graham and, of course, @amasad

LavanyaGupta1 (0)

@LavanyaGupta1 Sorry I accidentally went on my sister's account. I will reply with my real account.

eankeen (926)

AMA stands for "Ask Me Anything" :)