Intro to Arrays
skudeva (16)

Can I get some help with the last exercise pls! I don't understand why is it still wrong.

function exerciseFour(citiesArray){
// Exercise Four: In this function you will be given an array called 'citiesArray.
// re-assign the fourth city in the array to 'Santa Fe'.
// Note: DO NOT create a new array in this challenge.
// Note: Remember that array indecies start at 0.

exerciseFour[4]="Santa Fe";
console.log(exerciseFour [4]);

// Complete your work on the line above.
return citiesArray;
} exerciseFour();

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Answered by mwilki7 (284) [earned 5 cycles]
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skudeva (16)

@mwilki7 Great! So I wasn't totally wrong 😁. Thank you!