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Is JavaScript useful? Should I learn it?
darklordplati (5)

Plz help

Answered by TheDrone7 (1242) [earned 5 cycles]
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TheDrone7 (1242)

Unless you're interested in mobile app development, js can do anything for you. For frontend there's regular is, for backend there's node.js

You can make desktop apps using node.js and it's module named electron.
So yeah, it's pretty useful and easy to learn. But again, it's not the best but really easy to get started with. And also gives a quality good enough for production works.

Again, it can't help you make apps for mobile but it also comes with a lot of packages for you to be able to do anything very easily at npm which is the official package manager for node.js

TheDrone7 (1242)

@darklordplati you can't make websites only using js but yes, it plays important role in making your websites interactive as well as adds more functionality to it.

ArchieMaclean (820)

@darklordplati You can use it to make a website interactive. You can also use NodeJS to use databases e.t.c with websites

So yes!

CullenDAvello (18)

@darklordplati if you want to make a website you'll need knowledge of html, css, and javascript. html makes all the links and sockets work, css plays a role in making your website look nice and user friendly(buttons, pictures,etc.) and javascript makes everything interactive (actually clicking the buttons) or you could just use some sort of website building app (like godaddy)

Vandesm14 (2322)

@TheDrone7 You can use Electron and Flutter (either or) to create a mobile app with Nodejs.

TheDrone7 (1242)

@Vandesm14 I wouldn't recommend that cuz the mobile apps built using nodejs have awful performance.


Yes, It's my favorite programming language, but it isn't useful without learning html and css as well. Go to, I taught myself html, css, and js there. The MDN web docs are also useful.

ItsEmpCs (39)

Yes, it allows you to make websites and game. Also it's super easy