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Is it just me or is there no "base" anymore??
NodeJSAcc (23)

When I create a HTML repl, it automatically links it to CSS and JS...
Now, that is gone, it is blank, is there any way to change this??

Answered by Highwayman (1393) [earned 5 cycles]
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Highwayman (1393)

This seems like a good opportunity to learn what to put in an html file to me.
I usually just do the bare minimum.
To add in a .js file, use

<script src="path/to/file"></script>

To add in a .css file, use

<link href="path/to/file" />
Highwayman (1393)

@SilentShadows12 yeah I kinda like it when the set up is too much to memorize, bc then you have to actually take a second to understand what’s happening and it’s like oh that’s a thing?

jeremypress (0)

Hi @NodeJSAcc, we accidentally turned that off, it should now be fixed!