Is it possible to clear the screen?
GitOverHere (0)

Is it possible to clear the screen in I want to be able to clear the screen after the player has entered some input.

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mat1 (2491)
Yes, it is possible. Simply do std::cout << "\e[2J\e[H" to clear the screen.

Printing that string will also work in almost every language on too.


It uses ANSI escape codes, which are special codes that you can print to the terminal to do certain things. For example, here we're printing \e[2J and \e[H. \e means an escape character in c++, which is what all ansi escape codes start with. Then, the [ character signifies that it is a CSI (Control Sequence Introducer) code. The characters proceeding it are the code for the sequence. The 2J means to clear the entire screen, but not move the cursor. Then, the H moves the cursor to the start of the terminal.
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ash15khng (393)

@mat1 Wow, this is cool. So this should work for most other languages?

mat1 (2491)

@ash15khng Yup, for some languages you might have to replace \e with \033 though.

ash15khng (393)

@mat1 Oh, I'm more familiar with that syntax.