Is there a Python function that would let a user pick from a menu of options in the terminal?
CrapCodes (0)

I'm doing a Python calculator project and I was wondering if there was a way to let a user chose from a list of potential "input" items, kind of like an extension of the input function.

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ArchieMaclean (731)

There is no built in function.

You would probably want to do something like this, to code it yourself:

def choose_from_list(list):    # a function called choose_from_list gets users choice from list
  print("Choose from the following:\n")
  print("\n".join(list))    # prints the list separated by \n (newline character)
  ans = input()              # gets input
  while ans not in list:    # if the user typed in something not in the list
    print("That's not an option.")
    ans = input("Choose again please: ")
  return ans    # return what the user chose

my_list = ["apple","banana","pear"]
user_choice = choose_from_list(my_list)

Of course, you can change this to fit whatever you want to do.

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@ArchieMaclean I am not cultured enough to fully understand how that works but I'll try it, thanks.

ArchieMaclean (731)

@CrapCodes You can just use the function if you want, without understanding it.

Can you mark it as the answer, so people know your issue has been solved? Thanks.

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@ArchieMaclean Sorry, I have't been on or coded anything in a while. Just got on to learn of and implement in now actually.

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@ArchieMaclean Oh i understand it now, thanks for the help.