Is there an actual trophy like in the picture?
coderash (66)

Is there a awesome trophy that looks like the one in the picture next to the countdown, because If someone could 3D print it, it would be sick!

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Answered by PYer (2310) [earned 5 cycles]
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RoylatGnail (73)

Going to try and make a 3d model of this

Galamphin (100)

@RoylatGnail Are you actually! Cause you should get a prize for that :)

hayaodeh (149)

@RoylatGnail I think it's a wonderful idea, what are you going to use to model this? 3D printing?

hayaodeh (149)

Do you have a plan? when are you going to execute? I would buy it from you

RoylatGnail (73)

@hayaodeh Its difficult to make, my plan is to start making it from the bottom to the top. I am going to give away to file itself. You dont have to buy it.

hayaodeh (149)

@RoylatGnail would it be easier on you if we provided you with the design file? to print them separately?

hayaodeh (149)

@RoylatGnail cool, can you share your email with me, I'll send it to you once I get it. send me an email on [email protected]