Issue Importing from Github
Jackleonard1 (2)

I receive a "the String did not match the expected pattern" when trying to import from Github, however I'm following the exact pattern specified by

Here's a few things to help troubleshoot:

  • my repo is set to public
  • my repo URL works perfectly fine anywhere else
  • I haven't had this issue before
  • I've tried, to no success:
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Vandesm14 (1636)

@Jackleonard1 Its sad.
Here's the command I was talking about:

git init && git remote add origin link-to-your-repo && git fetch --all && git reset --hard origin/master

Create a repl. Then, hit F1, type in "shell", hit enter, copy+paste the command, and hit enter. Your repo should now be imported into the repl!

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