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Issue with repl not being able to load due to a large file
finlay44111 (47)

I recently made a program that would extract pixel data from a .ppm file. an uncompressed image file. I uploaded a huge 150MB image into the repl, and when i later went on to the repl to load it, it would not load due to this large image file. I tried to delete it but when i refresh it is back where it was. any help would be greatly appreciated!

AllAwesome497 (353)

Oh. This is a known bug where you can't delete big files. Maybe one of the admins like @turbio will be able to help you?

finlay44111 (47)

how would i get into contact with an admin?

AllAwesome497 (353)

@finlay44111 your best bet is to email [email protected]
But it is 5:42 am for them atm, so it's gonna take a while. Good luck though!

AllAwesome497 (353)

@finlay44111 you could also download the repl, make a new one and upload all the files but the large one.

Vandesm14 (2437)

@AllAwesome497 That email is dead. They don't have a working email anymore. If you send a message to [email protected], it'll send back an automated message not to use the email!