Game making🎮
rabofan70 (4)

I want to make a game witch programming skills do i need to know?💪🏼💙

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antonmata (25)

It is going to be highly dependent on what game you want to make and what will be your primary platform you want to deploy it to.

The web is a great platform to deploy to, but you will have to deal with the 3-headed monster of HTML+CSS+JS, so if you are not already familiar with those, you might be wrestling with your tools more than actually writing your game. All-in-one engines like Unity, Godot, GameMaker, etc. are great to start with because of the documentation and the community. Plus it's a "turn-key" solution so you can deploy to multiple platforms with just a single code base (for the most part). Also, a lot of the low-level game dev stuff are abstracted so you can focus on your game (ie. matrix/vector math, physics, game loop, etc.).

In terms of genre and scope, 2D turn-based games are always a nice start. The complexity is in the logic/mechanics (ie. game rules), which is a lot easier to manage than visual complexity (ie. physics based action, collision detection, 3D animation, etc.). After locking down your mechanics, you can focus on polish (ie. animations, colors, UI, etc.).

For a game to be perceived as finish, it is not based on the number of features, but is based on the amount of effort put into polishing it. A tic-tac-toe game with insane animation and polish will always take the cake over a 3D open-world game with limited NPCs and blocky animation.